“I have been able to find a stronger center in myself to which I can return so that I am not shaken by the daily ups and downs of congregational life.”

— Rabbi Rona Shapiro


An 18-month program for community leaders focusing on cultivating mindfulness, prayer, middot (inner dispositions like equanimity, gratitude, patience, etc.), and learning as spiritual practices. The program includes four retreats, monthly spiritual guidance with Institute faculty, and interim havruta learning. Kivvun is the only Institute program that fully pays for itself.

Kivvun is an intensive, retreat-based learning program for Jews seeking to engage in life guided by Jewish spiritual tradition. This program helps participants discern for themselves—supported by Jewish text, tradition and practice—how to direct their lives in alignment with a deep sense of wisdom.

Kivvun provides an opportunity unique in the field of adult Jewish education: deep and continuous study over eighteen months, integrated with spiritual practice alongside a dedicated group of teachers and fellow students. It offers training and support in a number of practice modalities (Jewish text study, prayer, tikkun middot, meditation, yoga, spiritual direction, and retreat), based on the understanding that different people will resonate with different practices.

Kivvun helps participants integrate such practices and apply them to their everyday lives of work, relationships, social action and leadership. These practices help people develop their inner resources for cultivating the capacity for greater joy, courage and gratitude, as well as dealing with loss, grief, stress and fear.

Applications are open for Kivvun Cohort 5!

Click here for more information or to apply, or email marc@jewishspirituality.org