“Wow… I just viewed three of Jordan’s videos on Vimeo… I feel so inspired. I am so excited to be privileged to attend the upcoming JMTT2 retreat! What a wonderful community of teachers we are in the presence of.”

– Laura Hegfield

Long-Term Leadership and Learning Programs

Through our long-term programs, we nurture mindful Jewish leaders, engaged in spiritual practice so that they can act out of a deeper sense of clarity, authority and authenticity. The programs help participants grow in consciousness and character, developing as leaders. Participants investigate ideas about the nature of the self and God both analytically through study and discussion as well as experientially through meditation, prayer, yoga, singing and spiritual companionship. They then are able to offer the riches of Jewish contemplative practice as a meaningful source of personal inspiration for engagement in all of life’s work.

One of the most important ingredients in sustaining spiritual growth is the support of community. We create a community of individuals who support each other’s growth and practice in an atmosphere of honesty and depth. Together, we explore and cultivate qualities of awareness and character that are essential to good spiritual leadership in the contemporary Jewish world. The programs are designed to help develop a deep sense of authenticity that leads to a more integrated, flexible, responsive and skilled organizational leadership.

Since 2000, the Institute has convened seven cohorts for Rabbis, two cohorts for Cantors, one cohort for Educators, three cohorts for community leaders (Kivvun), and one cohort for mixed clergy.

Clergy Leadership Program (CLP)

An 18-month program for rabbis and cantors, aimed towards cultivating prayer, learning of Hasidic texts, meditation and yoga as core spiritual practices. The program includes four retreats and in-between havruta learning.

Hevraya: Alumni Program for Clergy and Educators

Alumni program for graduates of our rabbinic, cantorial, and educator cohorts. The program is comprised of semiannual stand-alone retreats and a resource bank for sharing resources and program ideas.


An 18-month program for community leaders focusing on cultivating mindfulness, prayer, and learning as spiritual practices. The program includes four retreats, check-ins with Institute faculty, and interim havruta learning. Kivvun is the only Institute program that fully pays for itself.

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training (JMMTT)

A 16-month program for experienced meditators who are teaching Jewish mindfulness in a variety of settings. The program includes three retreats, in-between study, mentoring by the faculty, and chevruta learning.