“The Judaism we are looking for can be found at IJS.”

— Audrey Brooks

Our Mission & Vision


Cultivating mindful leaders. Revitalizing Jewish life.

We believe that leaders who engage in Jewish spiritual practices that are grounded in mindfulness are better equipped to contribute to building Jewish communities that are vibrant, resilient, and wise; they are able to meaningfully address the brokenness of our world.

We seek to transform Jewish life.


When the Institute speaks of a revitalized Jewish life, we envision three primary areas of transformation:

  1. A revitalized Jewish communal culture that is meaningful, resilient, and open-hearted.
  2. The wide availability of Jewish spiritual practices grounded in mindfulness.
  3. A critical mass of Jewish leaders who have the experience, expertise, and commitment to align their inner life and their work in the community for greater sustainability, creativity, and effectiveness.

Values – Our Guiding Principles:

Shiviti Adonai lenegdi tamid: I strive to cultivate an awareness of God in every moment.
We seek a spiritual practice that wakes us to God’s reality in all aspects of our lives (Melo Kol Ha’aretz Kevodo: The whole is full of God’s glory).

Tzelem Elohim: The Divine Image
We affirm and strive to reflect the divine and infinite potential in each human being.

Kehilla Kedosha: Holy Community
Creating and maintaining a safe, intentional community allows for deep listening to ourselves and to others, and opens us for healing, connection and insight.

Im eyn ani li mi li?: If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
Jewish leaders best serve and inspire their communities when they cultivate and refine their own spiritual lives–you can’t give what you don’t have.

La aleycha hamlachah ligmor: You do not have to finish the work, but neither are you free to desist from it
Spiritual growth is a life-long process that requires ongoing commitment, practice and guidance.

Tikkun HaNefesh and Tikkun Olam
We understand that our work to cultivate awareness leads inexorably to acts of kindness and justice.

Ki tavo chochmah b’libeycha, v’da’at l’nafsehcha yinam: For wisdom will enter your mind and knowledge will delight you
While we inherit a unique religious tradition, we are open to, benefit from, and integrate wisdom from other traditions.

Redeeming Sparks of Language
We are committed to helping people connect their traditional Jewish God, language, and ritual with their authentic inner experience in order to nurture and expand their sense of experiencing of God as Jews.

Mechadesh b’chol yom tamid ma’aseh beresheet: The world is constantly created anew
We believe in the power of Teshuva–the capacity of Jews and Judaism to change and grow and thereby be of greater service to themselves and to the world.